Friday, May 24, 2013

Mini Blog Challenge - Day #5 (DIY)

DIY Project
 Hair and Body Butter

This all natural hair and skin butter is easy to make, and it has multiple uses.   It can be made just the way you like it!  If you choose to use a different natural oil than coconut oil, feel free to add another natural oil of your choice.  I have made this mix using other oils -  almond, apricot, castor, grape seed, olive, etc.  It all depends on what I need and what I have on hand at the time.  This mix can also be scented with essential oils.  I hope you enjoy the video by Sparkwisdom!

** I usually slowly melt my butters in a porcelain container on the stovetop.  ** 


  1. I didn't know there was a such thing as avocado oil! As much as I love avocado & its skin & health benefits I should have been aware. I will give this a try! I'm excited. Thanks for sharing! #mbc Andrea

  2. Oops! that was a typo - that should have been apricot oil. thanks for bringing that to my attention. Have a great weekend!


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