Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just Right For God

Many of us are currently facing challenging situations in our lives - pink slips, layoffs, breakups, divorce, illness, injury, disobedient children, discord , depression or a troubled mind. Whatever the case might be, please understand that the problem at hand is just right for God. True, it may be overwhelming. True, it might keep you awake in the midnight hour. True, it may limit your ability to do what you would do if you were not faced with it. But, I need to let you know that my God has the answer to the particular problem that you are facing. When it is too big for you, it is just right for Him. He specializes in big situations. Just remember a few big situations in the Bible. Remember that it was God that caused Moses to part the Red Sea and pave the way for God's people to walk across on dry land. Remember that it was God that allowed David to have victory over the giant Goliath. Remember when Jesus gave thanks to God, He fed thousands of hungry people with a few fish and a few loaves. Remember that it was God who so loved this great big world that He gave his son Jesus to die and save this great big world filled with sin, degradation and every problem that you are facing from an eternal life in hell. What an awesome God we serve!