Poetry by Trinity

From time to time, I am inspired to write poems. So, I've decided to allow YOU to read some of my poetry that is so dear to me. Enjoy and feel free to comment!

"Can You Hear Me?"


by Trinity Grace
Can you hear me?

I'm sobbing incredibly,


No relief in sight.

Can you hear me?

No one to talk to,

The secret is too deep.

With whom can I share it?

No one; Therefore, I weep.

Can you hear me?

At The Back Of The Line

SADNESS PIERCED my soul when I realized I was last in line
I drew near, but you drew away as sadness pierced my soul
My eyes filled with tears as sadness pierced my soul
My heart filled with fears as sadness pierced my soul
Fears of loneliness, uncertainty, and abandonment like a driver stranded in the night

Am I unworthy? Undeserving? Unimportant? That I would be last in line, or do you take for granted that I’ll always be waiting at the back of the line
Now, one day I won’t be waiting at the back of the line
Starving for the attention I never had
I’ll proudly be standing at the front of the line
Where the sadness that once pierced my soul will be gone and forgotten
Like the chaff that is driven away by the wind