Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rewrite The Script!

There comes a time when the script that you wrote for your life does not line up with actuality.

*Perhaps, you have waited for your life to come into alignment with the
script ;
*Perhaps, you have struggled and tried to manipulate your life into
alignment with the script; and
*Perhaps, you have even believed that your life would come into alignment
with the script - only to discover that it is not going to happen. (There
are many reasons why it is not going to happen, but I'll save that for
another post.)

As a result, you are depressed, discouraged, and disappointed to the point where you feel as if you are not going to make it. You are convinced that no one understands, and no one cares. You constantly replay the perfect script that you wrote for your life. Regardless to how many times you replay the script, it always falls short of reality. As a matter of fact, reality seems to move farther and farther away from your perfect script.

If you are going to survive and stop the mental torture and bondage that you allow, you must rewrite your script. You can't move forward with a backwards mentality. The old script that you replay everyday has gotten you nowhere. You are still broke, busted, and disgusted. You are still messed up from the floor up.

Please understand me, you may discover that the new script won't work any better than the old one did. But, one thing is for sure, you can't keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. If you are going to survive, you must play the cards that you have been dealt. You can't play my hand, and I can't play yours.

I challenge you, today, to rewrite your script. Stop allowing things to happen, and make some things happen.

When the Israelites wandered in the wilderness, the majority of them had a wilderness script. Their script allowed them to survive only in the wilderness. They could not survive in the promise land with a wilderness script. Therefore, they were not allowed to go into Canaan. Only those who had a promise land script were allowed to go into the promised land.

Which script do you have? Is it for the wilderness? - the one that has you bound, trapped and preparing you to die before you reach your destination. Or, is it for the promised land? - the one that declares to the world that

-you will make it,
-you will overcome,
-you will have joy,
-you will have peace, etc.

Be Blessed!

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