Sunday, April 14, 2013

Carry On Tuesday - (Writing Prompt) The Show Must Go On

So often, we have heard the phrase, "one monkey doesn't stop the show". It may be true that one monkey will not stop the whole show. But, one monkey will stop his part in the show.

In life, it is very important that we do not become over-confident in our abilities. There is always someone who can do whatever it is that we do a little better.

Just think about it.

The restaurant doesn't close when the chef is out.

The hospital does not refuse to take care of patients when the doctor is not there.

The game does not end when a player is hurt.

Why? Because the show must go on!

This truth becomes so evident when someone is sick or passes away. Before the dead is even buried, someone else has  already come in to do their job.
In the New Testament book of Romans 12:3, the Apostle Paul warns us, "Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought..." In other words, don't have an inflated view of yourself.

Therefore, we must keep our attitudes in check and not become over confident in believing that if we don't do it - then it won't get done. Why? Because the show must go on!

Carry On Tuesday


  1. I always think of myself as a student, that no matter how much I think I know there is so much more that I haven't discovered and so much more space for growth/improvement. I have more of a problem with lack of confidence, over confidence is probably a defense mechanism to disguise insecurities/weaknesses at least in some cases and you are absolutely right that can be dangerous. It is easier sometimes to appreciate another's gifts than to discover your own.

  2. So true - the more we know, the more there is to know


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