Thursday, March 21, 2013

Give Me 250 – “Silent Scene”

Give Me 250 – “Silent Scene”

The writing prompt this week was to create a powerful, silent scene – no dialogue.  Click the Give Me 250 button to link up.   I went a few words over - 256 words .
Minutes after the evening sun took its rest beyond the clouds, Walter briskly walked down the dusty path that led to his man cave where he could finally relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  As Walter’s steps drew nearer to the abandoned cottage that he had renovated less than a year ago, he could hear footsteps that seemed to mimic the rhythm of his footsteps as he rustled through the tall grass just off the dusty path.  Walter stepped up his pace, and so did the footsteps.  Walter wondered who this could possibly be.  Just as he stepped onto the deck of the cottage, he caught a glimpse of what appeared to be two teenage boys frantically pushing their way through the underbrush near the back door to the cottage.  From the distance, he could see that one of the boys carried in his hand the antique sword that his father had given him just before he passed away.  Walter was not sure how he should handle this situation, but he knew that he had to do something.  Although Walter was unarmed, he decided that he had to confront them.  He could not let them get away.  Just as he opened his mouth, someone from behind tackled him to the ground. Walter fought against this beast of a man who was obviously twice as big as he was. Before he could gain leverage, the attacker blindfolded him and muzzled his mouth with fabric that infiltrated the evening air with the stench of alcohol….          

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  1. Very full scene with lots of images. Lots of action as well. Thank you for linking up and joining in. I can tell you thought about the prompt.


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