Sunday, November 12, 2017

Product Review: Ameerah’s

Product Review: Ameerah’s

Today, I want to share with you an amazing product line - Ameerah's.  Ameerah’s is a handmade natural skincare line that I discovered (by accident).  The advertisement caught my attention.  I had heard of the wonders of mango butter for natural hair, and I was on the hunt for a light butter to seal in the moisture on my two strand twists.  However, the last time that I had used mango butter - it was quite stiff.  So, I knew that I would have to mix it with another oil or find one that was already mixed.  Well, after searching the Ameerah’s website, I found what I thought was the perfect solution (Natural Whipped Mango Butter w/olive oil, $7.00 for 2ozs).  I wasn’t really hesitant about purchasing it because I figured that if it didn’t work out for my hair, I would use it on my skin (by the way, it is marketed as a body butter).  I also ordered two additional products - a Vanilla Delight Body Moisturizer Cream, $7.50 (2ozs.) and an Organic Whipped Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil, FREE (2ozs).  There was a buy 2, get 1 free offer.   When placing an order, Ameerah’s gives you the option of customizing your product with various essential oils, fragrances or additional oils.  I chose not to customize.   
I received it within a few days of my order.  No, I did not expedite shipping.   Customer service sent out emails informing me when my product had shipped.  And, they even sent out an email telling me that my product should have arrived.  I was impressed!  
So, now for the review - the Vanilla Delight Body Moisturizer Cream smells delectable.  The smell reminds me of some type of caramel candy.  It moisturizes without leaving a heavy feeling.  It works great for sealing in moisture on the elbows and knees.  I like using it at night to moisturize my neck.  
I have not yet used a lot of the Organic Whipped Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil Butter.  However, I will be using it after the Vanilla Delight Body Moisturizer Cream is all used up.  It, too, smells delectable - more like a creamy chocolate.  
The Natural Whipped Mango Butter w/olive oil is very soft and lightweight.  It has no smell, which allows it to not compete with the scents in other hair products.  I love the way that this product immediately melts upon touch. After I moisturize my twists, I apply this product to lock in the moisture. I will definitely purchase it again!

NOTE: The prices that I mentioned were the prices at the time of my purchase. To find out more details about ingredients, go to the Ameerah's website!

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