Monday, July 15, 2013

Meatless Monday #19

Simple and Fresh
Bell Pepper, Cucumber, Tomato Salad (Chop vegetables, toss, and allow the salad to chill before serving.)
Boiled Corn (fresh from the Farmer's Market!)
Macaroni Salad



  1. What a truly beautiful summer plate. I love the Meatless Monday movement. It teaches us that there are so many ways we can fill a plate and fill our belly without meat. My family still eats meat, but I have greatly reduced our consumption over the last year. Thanks for the inspiration. I've got to get some corn!

    1. Yes! We really can get full without eating meat. That corn really was good - and sweet!

  2. Nice dish! It is definitely perfect for this summer weather. I love the cucumbers, tomato salad idea. I just made that with some feta cheese...MMMMMM!!! But corn on the cob is definitely something that my summer cannot go without! <3 Thanks for sharing and linking up with us! <3

  3. Hi Brittnei! I'm glad you stopped by. I enjoyed my visit over at your blog!


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