Monday, December 10, 2012

Friends - Part 2 (Click here for pt. 1.)

Sometimes, people will disappoint you.

Sometimes, people will fail you.

Sometimes, people will let you down.

Sometimes, people just don’t react or respond the way we want them to when we want them to.

Refuse to allow your disappointment in others to cause you to be bitter with the world.

Stop making SUPERHEROES out of people who are not worthy to be heroes. Only God is worthy of superhero status.

Like and love others for who they are and not for who you expect them to be.

Click here for "Friends - Part 1".


  1. Hi Victory! Thanks for stopping by my blog! You have a great gift for poetry...following you now. Have a blessed day! ;-)

  2. Hi! I stopped over from The Sunday Community and kept scrolling down to your other posts. :) I really like Friends - Parts 1 and 2. So often we expect things of others that they are not capable of. It was huge for me when I realized and understood that Jesus is the only one who will not disappoint. He is the only One who can and will be everything I need.
    Blessings to you,

    1. That is so true. The sooner we grasp that the better we will be. Thanks for stopping by.


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