Monday, July 16, 2012

Prayer Of Thanks - (For God's Word)

Thank you, Father, that your WORD does not fail me.

Your WORD is true.
It is sharper than any two-headed sword.

Unlike, man, your WORD does not lie, but it accomplishes everything that it was sent forth to do. 

Thank you for your WORD that comforts in a time of sorrow,
strengthens in times of weakness,
heals in times of sickness,
provides in times of lack,
nourishes in times of famine,
gives freedom in times of bondage,
protects in times of danger and has the ability to make possible any and every impossible situation!

In the name of JESUS, I thank you and I exalt you!

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  1. I said a prayer similar to this today. I have to speak the word out loud because faith comes by hearing, so no matter what thins look like, I pray and speak words of life just like this prayer you have posted. Great post!


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