Monday, January 2, 2012

Lasting Relationships

As I perused the recent posts of one of the many blogs (Curly Nikki) that I frequent, I was reminded of the importance of reconnecting. It is vital for couples to set aside time to reconnect and to understand that ‘what it took to get him/her is the same thing that it takes to keep him/her’. In other words, The bond that bound the relationship should be the basis for maintaining a wholesome relationship.

Relationships share bonds that tie the participants together. Strong relationships share strong bonds. A bond is the glue or the connecting agent that binds a relationship. Some common bonds are blood, race, religion, shared passions and common interests. Although there are many types of relationships, the relationship that I refer to in this post is the relationship between a man and a woman.

A reconnecting should include the following:
1) reconnect - Set aside time at regular intervals where it is just
the two of you minus the distractions of other parties including
children. (Hire a babysitter or leave children with a trusted
friend or family member.)
2) reevaluate - Take inventory. Look at the positives and the
negatives. Look at what works and look at what doesn’t work.
3) restructure - If it’s broken, fix it. If it’s not, keep doing it.
If the two of you can’t repair it, seek help from a professional
(clergyman,therapist, doctor, etc.)

Refuse to allow the cares and distractions of life to take priority over your relationship. Certain things in life take time - like marinating a tender steak or preparing a holiday meal. Invested time is the key to a robust relationship. Remember, even Rome was not built in a day.

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  1. "Refuse to allow the cares and distractions of life to take priority over your relationship." ← LOVE THAT LINE!!!


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