Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Doing You WELL Wednesday

From time to time, we all need

...someone to hold our hand,

...a shoulder to cry on,

...someone who will soothe our fears and wipe our tears

And, there are times, when we are so weak that we need a prop.

But, what do you do when your prop fails?

...when your leaning post falls to the ground?

...when your encourager does not encourage you?

What do you do?

I'm reminded of the OT story of how the Israelites won the battle whenever Moses lifted up his hands and how they lost whenever he lowered his hands. I'm reminded of how Moses arms became tired and how Aaron and Hur stood on each side of Moses - holding up his hands. (Exodus 17)

You 're probably wondering - what does this have to do with me in 2013? Well, I believe there are a couple lessons from this story that you and I can apply to our very own lives.

1. Lesson #1

From time to time, it's alright to have a helping hand as long as you don't become completely dependent upon the other hand. The only hand that we should totally rely upon is the hand of God. He won't let us down!

2. Lesson #2

Team up with people who have common goals and who share your passions. My grandmother used to always say, "Birds of a feather flock together." Notice how the Israelites won when Joshua, Moses, Aaron and Hur worked together. They had one goal in mind - to win the battle!

Finally, take inventory of those who surround you. Are they lifting you up, or are they tearing you down? Are they pushing you forward, or are they holding you back? 

Or, are they openly cheering you on when they're really your secret haters?


Heavenly Father,

Give me a discerning spirit to know who's with me and who's against me. Teach me, Lord, to try a spirit by the Spirit. Show me how to treat those who may be outwardly with me, but are really against me. If I need to rid myself of relationships, show me the way. If I need to distance myself from someone, show me the way. Thank you, Lord, for being my very present help during this time of need.

In Jesus' name,


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  1. I appreciate these lessons, Trinity. They're practical yet spiritual in nature. And the last line... for sure! Not everyone who's up under you is your friend. Sad but true.

    Continue to do you well, Trinity!

    1. Yes, Alison! This has been a very painful reality - to discover that someone you thought was in your corner, only to discover that there may be some hidden envy

  2. Hey my friend! So true, it's great to have a good support system, but to always remember that our anchor should always be in Him!! Thanks for sharing and thanks for linking up! Have a blessed weekend!

    1. You're so right, Michell. Our anchor must always be in HIM. When family and friends forsake us, God is always there!


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